Data warehouse operations

Introduction Running the daily operations of a data warehouse is no easy task. Operators need a lot of knowledge on the internals of the ‘ELT’ processes to perform their work correctly. In most cases no monitoring- or auditing-facilities are available. What is available, is provided by the ELT-tool vendor or has been created by the operators themselves and mostly consist out of a bunch of SQL-scripts which they try to interpret. Result is an error prone and diffuse manner of maintaining the operations. Only one, maybe two operators have an in-depth understanding of the processing. Why do we implement data warehouses like that? Why is the operations-aspect almost ignored in the design and development of a data warehouse? Well, I think we focus too much on what ‘hot’ technologies ELT-toolsets can give us, we do not adhere enough to the philosophy that everything we implement also needs to be maintained in production. We lack standards and a framew
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